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Baby carrier - Vaude Shuttle rental
€5.00 / h


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Vaude Shuttle is a comfortable and safe baby carrier for trekking and hiking. Fully equipped backpack makes hiking with a baby easier. Backpack can be adjusted firmyl close to your back thanks to strap adjustment pieces by shoulders and hips which makes hiking on an uneven forest floor safeer. The seat is comfortable, anatomically dsigned and its height can be adjusted. Head support is important feature for when the baby sleeps. Leg straps are also adjustable so that the legs won't hold loose and get numb. There's also a support frame for the backpack, which makes it stand tall  when put on the ground and therefore making easier to put your child on the seat or taking them out.
In the backpack there's plenty of room for equipment and gear as well as for diapers, snacks and nursing bottle.

The backpack is suitable for a child of max. 3 years of old or 18 kg. Maximum load capacity (child and equipment) is 22 kgs.