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Heretty cabin accommodation
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Decades ago mainly horsemen used to accommodate in the former logging cabin of Heretty. The renovated cabin has since then functioned as the main service centre for Isojärvi National park. Today there’s a cabin cafe in the rooms where lumberjacks and their housekeepers used to live. In the “headquarters”, meaning the rooms where managers used to lodge, there are two rooms that can be booked for accommodation.

17 m2 / room. Entry room and sauna in shared use. 


  • Beds, blankets and pillows for four persons in both rooms
  • Electric lighting. Heating with a radiator and stove
  • One cooking hob, a pan, a pot and plates and dishware for four persons in both rooms.
  • Water for drinking and sauna from the well on the yard.
  • Dry toilets, recycling point and a modest cellar nearby
  • Wood heated sauna in shared use in the yard


Collect keys from the Heretty cafe (address: Kylmäläntie 1335, Kuhmoinen). Cafe is open Tuesday-Sunday between 10:00 - 18:00. If you wish to check-in outside these hours please contact Minna (+35844 532 5955) or Vesa (+35844 049 5067)