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Lortikka rental cabin


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Lortikka is an authentic lodge with rustic atmosphere offering only the essential necessities in the heart of Isojärvi National Park. Modern world is far and you get to travel back in time by taking care of the daily routines. Bring water from the well, chop firewood for stove and sauna and enjoy the serene mobile disconnection. Breathe deeply and truly enjoy the moment. This loved lodge is situated by the pond Ylinen-Lortikka.

Lortikka can accommodate up to 20 persons with the interior area being 100m2. There are three rooms and a kitchen. Sauna, dry toilet, woodshed and a bonfire place are situated outdoors.

You'll find keys from the locker situated next to the road gate on the way to Lortikka. The locker can be opened with a code you’ll receive after a successful payment.


  • Firewood for sauna can be found in the shed next to the sauna. Cabin firewood from an other shed next to the cabin.
  • Please take your own linen and towels. Blankets and pillows are in the cabin.
  • Bonfire place by the pond is for cabin guests’ use.
  • Guests may set up a tent to the yard on an appointed location.
  • The section at the end of the cabin is for maintenance use.
  • Pets are allowed.
  • Cabin is inaccessible for physically impaired.
  • There may be hikers visiting the yard and cabin as it is one of the sights in National Park.
  • The road gate should be locked at all times. In case the gate is left open and invalid vehicles access the area, a fee of 100€ will be applied for re-opening the gate.
  • Distance from the parking lot to the cabin is 340 metres. There is a trolley at the cabin for helping to carry your belongings.

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